A New Future Is Rising

We are excited to see work progressing fast at Keybridge with a number of developments across the site. Read more below.

The tower demolition is progressing well and has reached the third floor level. At the same time the reinforced concrete frame of Block F has commenced and we are expecting to see the tower rise above the ground by the middle of September 2017.

The reinforced concrete frames of Blocks C1, C2 and D are also well under way. We are particularly excited to see the scaffolding coming up around Block C and the façade works commencing.

In addition, the reinforced concrete frame of the new ramp is developing well, with a view of having this complete by the middle of August 2017.

At 2 Exchange Gardens the steel frame of the roof is under construction with a view of commencing roof works by the middle of July. The internal works are also well under way and we are preparing to install kitchens at the first floor.

Finally, the basement is seeing the plant room being constructed as well as mains services being run in.

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