Keybridge Construction Update October 2016

Exciting times lie ahead for Keybridge, with demolition work continuing on the site which will soon host the UK’s tallest brick tower. Read more below.


Autumn has well and truly arrived in Vauxhall, with work continuing at pace at the Lambeth Road site. The existing podium building at Keybridge House - the lower building that sat alongside the tower - has now been fully demolished. Demolition work is now concentrating on the top-down demolition of the tower, and work is progressing well. Groundworks are currently underway to prepare the site for the building of the new basement and ground floor. Construction will start on these areas within the next two weeks.

Structural alterations to the basement are currently ongoing, and new steel columns and beams have been installed. The building of new structural concrete frames within the basement is scheduled to commence by the end of this month. Piling, the process of setting deep foundations ahead of construction work starting, is already progressing well at the Wyvil Road side of site. Transport for London and Lambeth Council will be installing a new crossover into the site on South Lambeth Road in the coming weeks. 

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