CEO Killian Hurley Interviewed On BBC News

Mount Anvil CEO Killian Hurley recently spoke to BBC news presenter Rachel Horne live from Keybridge in Vauxhall, about the impact of the referendum decision on the construction industry. Read on below.

Killian Hurley BBC Interview


The interview was broadcast live on BBC daytime news and also appeared on BBC World Business Live, BBC News at 10 - which has an audience of over five million - and BBC Radio 5 Wake up to Money. It was later syndicated on 18 BBC stations across the UK.

Killian expressed concern at the potential impact on housing supply if their status changes as a result of the leave vote and emphasised that the implications could potentially exacerbate the skills shortage concern.  "Something like 80% of our onsite labour have non British passports – mainly EU and it’s a very unsettling time. Let’s get rid of that uncertainty quickly. Let's sort it out and let's keep building because we have a housing shortage not only in London but in the rest of the UK.”

The construction industry has experienced a skills shortage in local labour forces for some time. Earlier in the week Killian met with the Rt Hon Priti Patel MP, The Minister of State for Employment to introduce the Mount Anvil National Skills Academy for Construction – a scheme that Mount Anvil and the CITB have invested in to address the local skills shortage. The Mount Anvil National Skills Academy for Construction supports the drive to help young Londoners into jobs. Launched in partnership with the CITB, the programme will provide 100 apprenticeships, NVQs and work experience opportunities for young Londoners looking to embark on a career in construction. Additionally, a further 500 individual learning opportunities for local schools, colleges and community groups will be provided to help encourage the next generation of talent into the industry.

Mount Anvil Skills Academy

People or organisations who would like more information about the Mount Anvil National Skills Academy for Construction should contact Rosanna Williamson.