A proud history of craftsmanship and innovation

We’re carefully restoring the period properties at Hampstead Manor and their Edwardian staircases, historic courtyards and delicate panels, while enhancing the buildings with modern amenities, such as the residents-only gym, spa and swimming pool, in preparation for our first residents moving in this May. Have a look at the developments below.

The latest chapter of Hampstead Manor’s history is about to be written with the first homeowners settling in next month and our team of concierges ready to greet them. The heritage of this unique development began with the construction of Kidderpore Hall in 1843, a building which embodied the supremely graceful and restrained architectural style of the Greek Revival movement and its neo-Grecian columns, sash windows and pristine white stucco.

In the following decades many other buildings and architectural gems contributed to the estate, from the elegant façade of the 19th century Skeel Library, which is retained as part of an ambitious contemporary home, to the red-bricked gable of Chapman which supports intricate cornices with brackets from Roman cement.

We’re proud to be a part of this history and to be responsible for delicately restoring such beautiful design elements as the floral blue stained-glass motifs of the lobby door and the white stuccoed entablature details on Kidderpore Hall.

From the use of a bespoke lime-based wash to bring out the china-clay brightness in the original stucco, to the retaining of various species of tree ensuring that the site maintains its authentic character, the restorers are committed to maintaining the integrity of the original buildings and gardens. The team is working with great care, while also making fast progress and we’re pleased to confirm the following developments at each of the buildings:

  • Kidderpore Hall – repairs to the windows and the façade are in progress. The basement slab is complete as well as the roof adaptations.
  • Skeel Library – stone copings have been installed and the architecturally designed light well is in place. Brickwork and kemper roofing are complete at the library’s extension.
  • Chapel - the roof construction and tiling are complete. Stonework and external drainage works have begun.
  • Dudin Brown – landscaping works have been completed on the south elevation and are in progress on the north elevation.
  • Bay House – the fit out of all trades is in progress and the delicate window repairs are underway.
  • Maynard Wing – fast progress is being made on the fit out of the lower ground terrace.
  • Lady Chapman – the installation of the windows and of the lift is in underway.
  • Rosalind Franklin – roof construction has commenced and the erection of the scaffold is in progress. The installation of the windows has started, as well as the fit out of all trades.
  • Lord Cameron – window installation is also advancing at this building, as well as the fit out of all trades and the erection of the scaffold.
  • West Courtyard – all tree protection zones are erected and the ground floor slab is complete. The installation of drainage and services is ongoing.
  • Queen Mothers Hall – roof construction, tiling and window installations are all in progress.
  • Townhouses – the brickwork is being laid up to the roof parapet and roof construction is underway.

The marketing suite fit out is also complete and there are four show homes for you to discover. Get in touch with our team to arrange a viewing.