Some site work recommencing this week

After a period of full site closure, we’re restarting some work on the construction sites where it’s practical, safe and agreed with our partners and supply chain.  As of this morning (Monday 27th April), we’ll have some small teams back working and some further teammates on other sites making adaptations to allow more activity to take place safely. 

As we continue to prioritise our people and our responsibility to public health, we’re following the Construction Leadership Council guidelines and have looked forensically at each site’s layout and workflow to achieve this.  For example: the places where our teammates get refreshments have been made more spacious to support social distancing, the way we move around the site has been streamlined to reduce congestion, and we’ve got thermal cameras in place to help make sure that nobody with a high temperature comes onto our sites.  That’s in addition to the specific measures that different subcontractor trades have been exploring to help them adapt to getting their work done with fewer people, working further apart.  And we’re prioritising teammates that can get to site via means other than public transport.

We’ve made this decision in consultation with our suppliers and teammates and are now looking forward to the next stage of delivery of these outstanding places. 


Darragh Hurley

Managing Director