The Highest Standard

“Excellence at this level is very hard won”. So says Laurence Waterman, Chairman of the British Safety Council. Waterman was congratulating this year’s winners of their health and safety and environment “double” – receiving both a Sword and a Globe of Honour. Mount Anvil is the only property developer in 2018 which made this slim list of double winners, globally. Want to know how we achieved this? Take a gander below.

Mount Anvil, like our eight peers on this top global rung, were audited by the British Safety Council, received a five-star rating and had a panel of independent experts endorse that the wider business approach and culture around health, safety and environment was world-class.

Simon Walker, Health and Safety Director at Mount Anvil sums up that approach, “Good Health and Safety is an output: when people are motivated and inspired they set higher goals and perform better. That means higher quality delivery, better management of hazards and everything in between. It also means that the inverse is also true. When people are not motivated or inspired outcomes get worse, quality declines, they’re more likely to have an accident. That’s why we don’t manage it in isolation – we start with working out how to empower and motivate people.”

Mount Anvil’s British Safety Council Swords and Globes – Swords for Health and Safety, Globes for Environment – are a source of huge pride and an endorsement of our “Safety Never Stops” culture. They’re also a talking point in our main meeting room.  The nine hand-crafted, stainless steel swords we’ve been awarded over the years make our trophy wall more striking than the average. We’ve found that they offer a chance to tell our guests, our joint venture partners and even our visiting customers about how we view health, safety and the environment – considering the whole person, supporting the mental and physical health of our people using psychology and technology to evolve hazard reporting.

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