We're Going Back to School!

Throughout 2014 The Eagle will be delivering the coolest curriculum to the most sophisticated classmates in London.

On the last Thursday of every month in 2014, we'll be opening up our Marketing Suite and inviting you to join us for‘Old Street, New School’ – a series of free, after-hours lessons in modern living.

Join us from 18:30 on Thursday 30th January, when we're kicking things off with a Lesson 1 'Old Street, New You' from The School of Life’s behaviour guru, Nick Southgate. He’ll be delivering a lesson in decision making, helping you to understand the psychology of every ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘maybe’ you’ll deliver in 2014 and making sure you leave feeling ready to face the year ahead.

This first week’s guest barman comes to us from Elephant Juice, so you’ll be able to test your new decision making skills on their range of delicious, nutritious juices.

Enrol for Lesson 1 'Old Street, New You' today, or sign-up or visit the Old Street, New School lesson series page to sign-up for notfications on our future events.

See you at school!