04/10/2017 • General update

"A Highly Needed Service in the Construction Industry"

Our vision is for a world-class Health and Safety culture and we approach Health in the same innovative, values-driven way that we approach Safety. Discover our latest initiative to support the wellbeing of our employees. Read more below.

Check out the video. Mental Health: Money Doctor.

Mount Anvil has, for the fourth consecutive year, been named the ‘UK’s Number One Company for Health and Safety’ by the British Safety Council. While we fully recognise the need for robust systems and procedures, an area of focus this year has been the often forgotten ‘Health’ part of Health and Safety. We are excited to pioneer new initiatives and our most recently launched is the ‘Money Doctor Workshops’ which supports the mental health of our managers and employees.

The success of the initial programme has been so great that we are currently rolling it out to all sites.  The Money Doctor visits every month, offering 30-minute sessions to help employees take control of their finances, and is fully booked on every occasion. This is not surprising as a study by The Independent shows that the leading cause of stress in the UK is money, while The Guardian recently stated that one in three families are a month’s pay from losing their homes. In addition, the fluctuating economic world, Brexit and other concerns add to people’s anxiety, and as a result mental stress could not be higher. To tackle this, we have introduced Money Doctor Workshops which help people manage their finances better and relieve some of the stress.

One of our employees told us he was close to losing his house due to money problems. Imagine what his mind was like on site, carrying out activities in a high-risk environment when his focus isn’t on the task. From his conversations with the Money Doctor he is now keeping his home and is in a much better position.

It comes as no surprise that, in the words of one of our plumbers, this is a “highly needed service in the construction industry”.

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