30/05/2019 • What we believe

Proud parent alert - Marketing team shortlisted!

Our marketing team has been shortlisted for this year’s EG Property Marketing Awards and we couldn't be more proud.

What makes our marketing team different?

We’ve made the shortlist for Marketing Team of the Year at the EG Property Marketing Awards (PMAs).  The judging panel have earmarked Mount Anvil as one of three finalists from the gamut of applicants, with the winner revealed at the end of June. 

We’re over the moon about it being our team and not just our campaigns or projects that’s in the spotlight, because our people and culture are what makes our approach adaptable and reliable whatever the market conditions.

In the words of Lisa Ravenscroft, CMO, “It’s about nurturing exceptional people who can perform in our unusual culture” – one which she believes unleashes potential for commercial, creative marketers to thrive.  Across the business we talk about the characteristics of “hungry and humble”.  Driven and high-performing - but no talented divas.

The team is a mix of property veterans and the best from industries that are at the forefront of marketing (technology, entertainment…) – united by a love of smashing stretching goals, adapting and continuous learning. 

Then the culture, a microcosm of Mount Anvil with an added dash of insight-obsession, comes down to three things:

  • Freedom. Hating bureaucracy, but loving discipline.  Freedom to act, structure to drive high performance, insight to drive dispassionate.  We major on giving context.  With more understanding, people make better decisions. 
  • Responsibility. Having freedom means taking responsibility.  Caring about how we do things, challenging anything that’s not right and being accountable against clear goals that are published for anyone to see.
  • Learning. We’re relentless about getting better. Importing learning from elsewhere – research techniques, new technologies, repeatable behaviours.  If mistakes happen, they’re shared and learned from.


Let's wish them luck for the PMAs!


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