The images on this site (including artists’ impressions, computer generated images, photography, maps and virtual tours) are to indicate the quality and style of the development and its location and do not represent actual fixtures, fittings and furnishings at our developments.  Any such information may change at anytime and must not be relied upon as being factually accurate about the property.

Some of our images show items of furniture or fittings or other elements of specification which are not included in the sale of property, or which may be included only as part of an optional upgrade pack (in this instance please speak to your agent regarding your apartment’s specification). These images are designed to give you an indication of how our property might be furnished and do not form part of any contract. Please consult with your legal advisor as to what is and is not included in any proposed contract of sale.


Because our products are under continuous development, elements of detail in images (such as colours, materials, floorplans, specifications and positioning of furnishings and fittings) may be subject to change without notice and are intended to give only an indication of the general style of the product.


Nothing in the content on our site is intended to form part of the contract between us should you decide to purchase any of our properties. You should seek your own legal advice regarding the content of any such contract.


Our floor plans give a general overview of the layout of our properties only. Plans, floor areas and dimensions are accurate only to within +/- [5 centimetres] and are for guidance only. We recommend that you order items such as carpets, flooring, furniture or appliances based on actual measurements of the property rather than floor plans.  Floorplans are not drawn to scale.


Maps or statements showing the location of developments may be stylised and show only the approximate location of developments. They do not necessarily display the precise location of available apartments, nor should they be taken to indicate the location or status of rights of way, highways, transport links or other geographical features.

Descriptions of road and public transport routes, distances and connection times are based on publically available timetables and are generally calculated as journey starting from the relevant station. They may not include an allowance for the time taken to walk to or progress through that station, nor do they allow for any delays to services or future alternations to services.


Dates of anticipated construction completion or of marketing commencement are indicative only and may change from time to time. If you are purchasing an apartment from us, please consult with your legal advisor as to any contractual provisions on timing. Although for many of our developments we collect contact details of those who have expressed an early interest in purchasing an apartment, we do not guarantee that you will be contacted as part of the first tranche of marketing activity or at all, and we shall not be responsible if your preferred apartment is not available at any given date.


Prices displayed on our site indicate our proposed selling price at the time that they were uploaded. We may change these prices at any time. The presence of a price on our website does not necessarily indicate that similar apartments at that development have most recently been sold to other purchasers for that price.


Nothing in this disclaimer affects our liability for fraud or in circumstances where the limiting of our liability is prohibited by law.