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What is Makers & Mentors?

It’s a bid to make our industry better, broader and more open. We talk to a lot of partners and friends in development and construction. It’s clear from those conversations that there’s a huge, shared passion for improving our industry’s openness and its reputation as a place that lots of different people can thrive. In our conversations about how we contribute to that, the positive impact that mentoring can have on people’s lives kept coming up. That’s why Mount Anvil decided to create the Mentoring by Makers & Mentors programme – to connect people and help take barriers away to progressing in the development and construction industry.


Why is Mount Anvil providing it?

We run a number of projects designed to open doors for younger people at our sites. We saw an opportunity to give these more structure and better support those already in the industry wanting to progress their career. We wanted to do this because learning and growth is part of Mount Anvil’s DNA - we wouldn’t be where we are today if we didn’t have a learning mindset or if we didn’t invest in the growth of our good people.


Who are the Mentees?

Mentees are 18+ men and women from all over the industry – this is a programme for everyone. From those working on sites, in architecture practices and in consultancies that want to grow their careers to those coming out of university hoping to find a way in; whether they work for our partners, other developers or people we don’t know, Makers & Mentors is about bettering the whole industry and that’s a combined effort. When the programme officially launches on 30th September, we will run a social media campaign encouraging people to sign up and kick start their learning and career.


Who should be signing up as a Mentor?

Think ‘do I have a few years’ experience in my role?’ And ‘can I commit one hour a month to change our industry’s future?’ – if that’s a yes, then sign up. There are positives for both you and your mentee when you commit. Becoming a mentor gives you an opportunity to develop your own listening and communication skills. It can also provide you with time to reflect on your career and perhaps you’ll be signing up to be a mentee next! The same goes for your network - think about anyone who is excelling, whether they’ve got there on their own or through formal or informal mentoring and ask them if they can pass on some of their expertise.


How long do I need to sign up for?

It’s up to you. We recommend you have a mentoring relationship for at least six months so you and the mentee can build a relationship and see the benefits mentoring can bring to both of you, but how often and in what way you meet is up to you.


How does it work?

Once you’ve signed up the admin team will make you ‘available’ on the online portal. Prospective mentees will be able to browse the portal as of 30th September 2020and search for mentors based on their availability and area of expertise. Someone will pick you because they feel you have the expertise to help them further their career. Once you’ve been picked you’ll get an email with the mentees’ details and be asked to contact them to set up an initial chat. There’ll be guidance on the website to help you structure your mentoring relationship but ultimately, it’s up to you!

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