Makers & Mentors

Supported by The Mayor of London

What is Makers & Mentors?

What is Makers & Mentors?

Makers & Mentors is a bid to make our industry better, broader and more open by shining a light on the huge variety of jobs available within the development and construction industry.

There are four pillars to Makers & Mentors: Mentoring; Apprenticeships; Work Experience and Learning in Schools.

Who's it aimed at?

Who's it aimed at?

It's for everyone. Makers & Mentors is not just for people interested in core construction roles - it's about broadening the horizons of the entire industry.

That's why we've focussed on roles across a broad spectrum: technology, marketing, sales, architecture, and planning, as well as the more traditional core site and delivery roles and many more!

Why have Mount Anvil & the GLA taken the lead on this?

Why have Mount Anvil & the GLA taken the lead on this?

Learning and growth is part of our DNA - we wouldn’t be where we are today if we didn’t have a learning mindset or if we didn’t invest in the growth of our good people.

With that in mind, we’ve set up Makers & Mentors with the support of the Mayor of London to provide a sector-wide platform to create better but equal opportunities for those wanting a way in and around the development and construction industry.

Want to get involved?

We've recently launched our 'Mentoring' strand, and we're on the look out for mentors & mentees

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Killian Hurley

By forming a dialogue with people early on, we’ll not only help more people to enter the industry but also stay in it.

Killian Hurley

Chief Executive Officer, Mount Anvil

The GLA & Mount Anvil in partnership

Makers & Mentors is the second partnership between Mount Anvil and the Mayor of London’s Greater London Authority (GLA). It follows the pioneering funding partnership we set up together in June 2020 which is enabling us to build more private and affordable quality homes for Londoners, quicker.

This unique agreement is built upon principles that are at the heart of both the Mayor and Mount Anvil. More specifically, this includes commitments regarding equality and diversity, as well as confirming existing commitments from Mount Anvil and the Mayor, such as never building separate entrances to segregate tenants in social properties from their private neighbours. It’s hoped that this will form a model for future funding agreements with GLA Land and Property.


So what can you expect to see from Makers & Mentors?

Whilst October 2020 marks the launch of our Mentoring programme, we're excited to launch three further initiatives in 2021 and beyond. Work Experience; Learning in Schools & Apprenticeships will follow hot off the heels of our Mentoring intiaitve launch - which already has in excess of 100 mentors signed up.

We're excited to see the impact of Makers & Mentors across London as we move into 2021