Work Experience from Makers & Mentors

Work Experience is the second of four strands from Makers & Mentors - find out what it is, what you can expect and how you can get involved

We've been welcoming people from all walks of life into Mount Anvil to help them gain crucial work experience for some time now - but we don't think that's going quite far enough, so, we've set up a structured programme that offers young people a real shot at finding what they love in the industry.

See yourself working in construction?

Our next Work Experience placement programme is taking place on 28th October - 1st November 2024. Register your interest here if you would like a chance to take part.

Tom Copley

Nurturing the next generation of London’s development and construction talent is vital if the sector is to continue to thrive, especially if we are in the impact of the pandemic

Tom Copley

Deputy Mayor for Housing and Residential Development