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Hampstead Manor is a highly unique site

It spans almost two centuries and many different eras of architectural and interior design.

As an ambitious restoration project approached in consultation with architectural historians, every detail has been minutely considered.

The restorers have been committed from the beginning to maintaining the integrity of the original buildings and gardens.

Kidderpore Hall

Dating back to 1843, the Greek Revival Kidderpore Hall was originally constructed by globetrotting merchant John Teil. By the turn of the century the building was the seat of Westfield College - one of the few places offering a higher education to female scientists.

A thoughtful alchemy of history and modernity now typifies Hampstead Manor. The scholarly legacy of the pioneers who worked in its library and sought peace in its Chapel lives on within the array of distinct buildings. There are stories around every corner, with state of the art homes now within coveted converted buildings and linked with pretty pathways that unveil a smattering of ancient, retained trees.

The Chapel in the 1940s
The Chapel today
The Chapel in the 1940s The Chapel today

The Chapel

Originally constructed in 1928, The Chapel has been designed with a very neutral colour palette whilst a certain aged feel has been maintained throughout, in respect of the heritage and uniqueness of the space.

Skeel Library then
Skeel Library today
Skeel Library then Skeel Library today

Skeel Library

The tiles on the roofs have been removed and renovated, but then replaced exactly in the inimitable, weather-patterned shape of their two-centuries use. A process involving a devoted team of restorers working through decades of previous restoration to reveal the original. 

Carefully stripping away layers of history in order to see what lies beneath, ever-mindful that they are bringing a landmark Hampstead site into modern use. It has been an intricate balance, achieved only through the utmost historical interest and expertise.