Our Impact

We've been delivering on our promises for 32 years and counting.

Always in London, always in partnership.

We care about the future of this great city, of its communities and of the new places that we're creating.

We're proud to be leaving a positive impact so that more Londoners thrive.  

When you put community at the heart, you can make a real difference. And together, Lambeth Council, Mount Anvil and A2Dominion have made a real difference here.

Cllr Claire Holland

Leader of Lambeth Council

Creating a fairer industry

Creating a fairer industry

Our award-winning Makers & Mentors programme is a partnership with the GLA designed to drive equality of opportunity through our sector. Because we can’t solve the problems of cities from the same consciousness that created them. With programmes that support people from age 4-64, Makers & Mentors creates opportunity and promotes inclusivity during education, into early work experience and throughout the full spectrum of careers in housing and development.

The programmes have created opportunities for thousands of people in the industry – youngsters, leaders, friends, rivals! It’s an impact that punches way about Mount Anvil’s weight alone – another testament to the power of partnerships, the thing we do best.

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Measuring our impact

Measuring our impact

ESG impact needs to be measured – and we don’t believe marking our own homework gets the best results. So, our Positive Partnerships framework was born out of collaboration with Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, HACT and Planet Mark. Three believable partners in three arenas that matter: Biodiversity, Social Value and Sustainability.

With these partnerships, we build our impact in a measurable way. And, we push the boundaries of what’s possible for the residents we serve and the partners we work with. Take our pioneering work on pollinators, developed with Kew, for example. We’ve created a brand new framework for measuring biodiversity – and we’ve made it open to everyone.

Delivering for Londoners

Delivering for Londoners

We believe the devil is in the detail. And when we have the privilege of working in one of London’s communities, selected by a borough or a housing association to deliver an important transformation, we don’t come in thinking we’ve got all the answers. That’s why we curate our social impact activities carefully, listening to the community and working with those who are already changing our city for the better.

It means cultivating an intricate patchwork of relationships with local people and organisations. It’s something you can only do if, like us, you’re focused squarely on London and care about its future as much as the communities we’re meeting. And we think it’s the only way that we can leave a legacy that we’re proud of. We being the operative word.