We're pursuing better, differently. Working here isn't for everyone.

Killian Hurley

We work hard to find people who thrive on context and responsibility, rather than rules and procedures. We then work like owner managers, not a leader and a thousand helpers.

Killian Hurley


Our culture shapes our place. There are three parts to it:



We believe people are fundamentally good. So we treat people like owners, instead of machines.

We believe in the brainpower of good people. Not a leader and a thousand helpers.

Recruit the right people and you can give them context and understanding instead of rules and procedures.

It’s why we don’t have a dress code or a fifty-page expenses policy. Our teammates are smart enough to do the right thing.



Having freedom means taking responsibility.

We hold ourselves to high standards of performance and behaviour. Each of us acts as an owner (and most of us, as shareholders, are). Employees do their jobs. But owners do what’s needed to make the team successful.

It means we really care about how we do things and we challenge anything that’s not right. It works because we share whatever we can. We share our individual goals. How well or badly we’re doing against them. The minutes of our board meetings. Honest updates in company meetings (as opposed to happy-clappy). It keeps us honest, keeps us on it, and means we’re in it together.



We’re obsessed.

We’re always on the lookout for learning. From the best. From the past. From each other. We care more about success than about looking good. That’s why mistakes are immediately shared and learned from, so we never make the same one twice.

Because we’re honest, we’re responsible and we care, we take every opportunity to give and get feedback. We score every meeting, so the next one’s better. And everyone gives feedback about their manager to their manager.

It keeps us improving and stops us getting complacent.

Matt, Subcontractor

You can tell a Mount Anvil site as soon as you walk through the door. The care they put into creating a quality environment on site is a cut above .

Matt, Subcontractor

O'Halloran O'Brien

How we hire

Our people are our competitive advantage, so we take hiring really seriously. It varies per role, but you'll always meet at least these steps:

Stage 1

Phone call

You'll talk to someone from our recruitment team about our business and culture, to see if we might be right for you.

Stage 2

Face to face

You'll meet with a few potential teammates who'll be trying to learn more about your experiences and preferences.

Stage 3

Deep Dive interview

A longer interview where we go deep into your story and explore your career and life to date.

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