07/10/2014 • General update

60 Seconds With our Sales & Marketing Director

With London homes in great demand, we talk to Mount Anvil's Sales & Marketing Director about market trends, what makes a great home, and why people should buy with Mount Anvil. Read more below.

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Jon Hall and I'm the Sales & Marketing Director at Mount Anvil. My teams and I are responsible for bringing our developments to life. The Marketing Team creates the unique brands for each of our developments and then all the material that helps promote them a whether that's the website, the brochure or show homes. Our team of Sales Consultants work with customers to understand which new home is right for them and ensure the experience of buying with Mount Anvil is as positive as possible.

We're hearing every day about the demand for London homes, what's it like on the ground?

London is a world-class city with an amazing cultural and entertainment scene, some of the world's best schools and an incredibly stable political and economic system. People want to live here. But people are discerning a they want high quality homes, which have a unique character, and which are in fantastic locations.

Where in London are people looking to buy right now?

Mount Anvil's portfolio of homes stretches across the best areas in London a from our latest development a Queen's Wharf in Hammersmith a to The Landau in Fulham, to Tech City and Islington where The Eagle and Lexicon are, and Dollar Bay which overlooks Canary Wharf.

We're finding that demand is particularly high in those areas a because they're located right in the heart of the best that London has to offer.

You mentioned that people want high quality homes. What makes a great home?

It's something where every day you come home and say wow, I live here.

The space needs to be really well considered both for form and function a it needs to look beautiful but work practically as well. And, it needs to have been created with care and attention to detail. Whether it's using a beautiful stone faASSade like at The Eagle, putting in smart-home systems like at Lexicon, using beautiful work surfaces like caesarstone as we are at The Landau, or creating a stunning winter gardens at each home like at Dollar Bay. It's those sorts of details that make a great home.

That's a nice lead in to my next question....why do people buy from Mount Anvil?

We like to think a Mount Anvil home ticks that 'wow' box and, judging by the high recommendation scores and proportion of repeat buyers, so do our customers.

We understand that a home is more than just a faceless box. It's a place where you switch off, a place where you entertain, a place where you create memories. That's why we put so much into making each home special.

And it's why we also focus on making the buying process as positive an experience as we can. The Mount Anvil Customer Service charter, for instance, sets out exactly what you can expect from us before, during and after you've bought your home.

So, if you had one tip for a prospective London home buyer, what would it be?

Be discerning. Only buy a home from a respected developer, that is in a fantastic location and that has been created with care.