30/03/2021 • Partnerships

Barnsbury residents vote yes for a transformed estate

Newlon Housing Trust and Mount Anvil are delighted that the Barnsbury Estate Transformation project (BEST) will go ahead after residents returned a large majority YES vote in a residents' ballot. Read more below.

  • The YES vote means the 1930s blocks on ‘Old’ Barnsbury will be fully refurbished, and the post-war ‘New’ Barnsbury blocks will be redeveloped.
  • Newlon and Mount Anvil have entered into a joint venture partnership to carry out the project.
  • The ballot returned a 72.9% YES vote.


A total of 369 residents or 72.9%% of those who voted, voted Yes for the transformation. The turnout saw 506 residents, or 79.2%, vote in the ballot.

The ballot is the result of a comprehensive consultation programme with residents which started in October 2019.

The proposed work includes refurbishment to the blocks, residents’ homes and outdoor spaces on Old Barnsbury, and a redevelopment of the blocks on New Barnsbury including replacement homes for existing residents and between 450-600 new homes.

The project will create two new public parks and communal courtyard gardens for residents and a total transformation of outdoor space, growing areas and walking routes throughout the estate.


Symon Sentain, Property Services Director at Newlon Housing Trust said:

“This result shows clearly that residents want the Barnsbury Estate Transformation project to proceed. We believe the BEST project is a once in a generation opportunity to fix overcrowding and ensure that current and future residents have comfortable, beautiful homes whilst creating new affordable homes for those on Islington’s housing list. Working with our newly appointed joint venture partner, Mount Anvil, we will continue to engage with residents on detailed designs as we work towards submitting a planning application at the end of this year”.


Emma Foster, Development Director at Mount Anvil said:

“The yes vote marks the start of a new chapter for the Barnsbury Estate community. We’re delighted that the residents want change to happen on their estate and are looking forward to beginning conversations with them about what that change will really look like and how we can leave the Barnsbury Estate with a positive, sustainable and successful legacy.”