05/03/2020 • General update

Building Safety in Housing Conference 2020: Alan’s reflections

Last week our Production Director, Alan Edgar, attended the National Housing Federation’s ‘Building Safety in Housing Conference 2020’. The conference, for leading housing associations and developers, focused on driving change around making – and keeping – our buildings safe.

Some of the day’s conversations resonated with both Mount Anvil’s values and Alan’s personal philosophies – particularly the idea that quality outcomes are inextricably linked with people and culture. 

That’s an idea that Alan felt underpinned the conference’s narrative about moving the industry beyond compliance, and informed other discussions including safety lessons from outside the sector, the strategic use of risk management systems, and communication with residents.

With over 25 years’ experience delivering quality homes for Londoners, Alan also welcomed shifts in legislative approaches to safety in building, but added:

“Taking responsibility is essential. Government guidance and clarity will be welcomed, but the industry, and the Londoners who rely on us, can’t wait for recently announced changes to manifest. It’s about looking at how we operate, how we look after and incentivise our teams, and how we can affect a real shift from rewarding speed to rewarding quality”.

Alan also noted that, while developing and maintaining a world-class, sector-leading Health and Safety culture remains a priority at Mount Anvil, the industry needs to do more:

“Safety is key, but we need to be creating working environments where people are not only safe, but happy, well and thriving. Of course people need to go home to their loved ones without having had an accident – but the industry also needs to pushing to create environments where people have a sense of pride and connection to the homes they’re building, the communities they’re working in, and the city they’re contributing to”.

A great day full of insight, conversation and learning opportunities – we’re already looking forward to next year’s event.