12/09/2019 • General update

From work experience to Assistant Site Manager

Arin Fehmi makes his way up the career ladder with the help of a partnership between National Skills Academy for Construction and Mount Anvil. We catch up with him to learn more.

Hi Arin, when you’re not keeping things moving on a busy construction site, what else do you get up to …

Well, you could say I’m consumed by wanderlust. But I’ve recently hung up my travel boots since returning from Australia and New Zealand, where I was working as an electrician for the last five years. I’ve been lucky enough to have travelled around many countries, including a five-month stint in Asia. Aside from travel, I enjoy keeping fit and healthy through gym or football. 

Tell us how you got into your role at Mount Anvil?

Having worked on construction sites for 12 years in the UK and abroad as a qualified electrician, I was ready for a new challenge. I wanted to down tool so to speak, without leaving the industry. 

There are so many varied roles in construction, and after looking at my options I thought about management. Knowing I didn’t have the experience, I looked at how best to gain it. So, I signed up to the National Skills Academy. From there I was quickly scooped up by Mount Anvil for two-weeks work experience at Keybridge in Vauxhall. 

What is the National Skills Academy for Construction?

It’s a scheme developed by Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) that helps employers like Mount Anvil deliver consistent, high quality, on-site training. I know that Keybridge smashed the CITB’s goals for the programme, I believe it provided over 1,200 waged training weeks and helped 35 people into employment – little did I know when I started that I’d be one of those people.

How was your work experience? What did you get up to in those two weeks?

Really good, everyone was so knowledgeable, I learnt a lot, quickly. I worked on Keybridge House with Leigh Fitzpatrick, completing apartments and working with contractors to make sure all the final snagging  was completed and we were handing over perfect homes to customers. I knew right away that this is what I wanted to do, so when they offered me a three-month contract, I was over the moon. 

And when the three months were up?

I was offered a full-time role as an Assistant Site Manager here at Keybridge. 

So, what now?

My goal to keep learning and growing at Mount Anvil – I’m always striving for more. Taking on more responsibility, gaining more experience and qualifications. 

What’s your favourite part of your job? 

Dealing with people from different trades and backgrounds, as it enables me to learn more. But also, challenging myself to push the programme daily, striving to be better but doing so safely.  

What do you love most about working on Keybridge? 

Lots. It’s setting new standards in construction. We’re working on the UK’s tallest residential brick building, which is a challenge. It’s a complex build due to the location, size of the site and access. But more importantly, we’re creating much needed homes, retail spaces and even a primary school.
What would you say is your superpower?

I’d say I have a keen eye for detail. Making sure our work is completed to a high standard, every time, is key for me.

Finally, what makes you proud?

I think my passion for Keybridge and what we’re delivering for Londoners is going to be one of my proudest moments.