22/05/2021 • General update

Launching 'The Living Rooms'

Mount Anvil breaks out of industry convention with the launch of its unique sales and marketing experience that challenges the role of the traditional marketing suite.

London property developer Mount Anvil has launched the Living Rooms, a permanent new customer experience at its Barbican headquarters in London. Elevating the industry-standard marketing suite offering, the Living Rooms comprises five unique suites capturing the essence of Mount Anvil’s off-plan developments across the capital, alongside versatile hosting and entertainment spaces for training and events.

Creating a single, high-quality destination where customers can find out all they need to know about multiple off-plan projects in a comfortable and fully equipped central location, the concept is designed to be more convenient and environmentally friendly, breaking the mould of the traditional customer journey at this stage of a scheme’s lifecycle.

Seamlessly blending with Mount Anvil’s working headquarters, the Living Rooms provides customers with a unique view of the developer’s new and upcoming schemes, helping them to understand the brand and product quality. Living Rooms puts the customer at the heart of the sales experience with an open layout so that buyers, agents and partners have a clear view into the team’s day-to-day activities.

Embracing technology to provide a personalised customer journey, Living Rooms combines digital experiences, physical models and tactile product spaces designed to make a lasting impression on visitors. The concept and design were the result of two years of in-house market research, buyer persona studies and trials, which provided insight into how off-plan buyers interact with existing marketing spaces. A wide range of tactile samples was specified, accompanied by 3D tour tools, rather a single full-size “set” of a bathroom or kitchen, creating an optimized space and providing a showcase of five developments with gallery-style installations. 

The flow of the space takes the customer on a special brand journey, with multiple storytelling pause points such as ancient timber from one of the company’s first restoration projects, feature accents in the brick used at Keybridge - Britain’s tallest residential brick tower situated in Vauxhall - and rotating gallery walls that showcase specific moments for the projects and the communities they create. Completing the customer experience, an app has been created to help personalise the experience for customers. Guests are welcomed by name on screen, coffee is served their preferred way and relevant information is shown to them in the waiting area and suites themselves, all managed in-house. If a buyer visits as they get close to completion, plot-specific information can be served up.

Lisa Ravenscroft, Chief Marketing Officer for Mount Anvil, said: “We take a meticulously insight-driven approach to marketing, listening to what our customers, agents and partners are telling us via both their words and their deeds. That’s why we’re proud to break new ground in opening the Living Rooms to give the customer the premium, personalized experience they expect at this stage of the scheme’s lifecycle.”