06/02/2022 • General update

Marcus Bate appointed as Partnerships and Communities Director

Signalling Mount Anvil’s continued commitment to pursuing better, differently, Marcus Bate has been appointed as Partnerships and Communities Director. His move from the role of Investment Director highlights the importance the London-based developer is placing on continuing to build trust with its housing association and borough partners and their residents.

Since Mount Anvil’s inception, the business has been built on public and private joint venture partnerships, and increasingly these have been on London estate regeneration schemes. Marcus’ board-level change in role signals the increasing people and time investment spent on engaging with residents and delivering social value for local communities. 

Marcus, a former lawyer, joined Mount Anvil five years ago, he comments: “Delivering social value is increasingly one of the most important priorities for our joint venture partnerships. So our focus on delivering the very best outcomes for our partner’s residents isn’t treated as a bolt-on or specialist service. It’s an integral part of our mission and partnership philosophy.”

Alongside sustainability and build quality, resident experience and community engagement has become a core focus in the business. Residents are providing increased input into new schemes, sharing their ideas and aspirations through regular direct engagement. Mount Anvil also regularly surveys its partners and residents to ensure all feedback is listened to and acted upon. 

Darragh Hurley, Managing Director of Mount Anvil, comments: “In shifting our focus to estate regeneration, we've found a great match between the needs of landowners, residents and our culture and values. We're operating in a space where quality matters, where listening matters and where everyone involved in the project cares about the long-term outcome.  Our partner’s residents are truly at the heart of everything we do, and this is why we’ve made room for this important change. 

“Ultimately, we want our partners to know that by working with Mount Anvil, their residents will be happy and receive the highest level of care - delivering high-quality homes that they’re delighted with. This ethos goes throughout the business, whether delivering private or affordable housing.”

Marcus concludes: “Our increased focus on resident engagement is already delivering an excellent return on investment. Residents given a central voice in the transformation of their estates tell us that they feel more confident, more valued and more connected as a community.”