06/10/2020 • What we believe

Mayor of London launches the Makers & Mentors from Mount Anvil scheme

In a bid to equalise and diversify the housing sector, the mentoring scheme hopes to enhance its applicants’ careers whilst tackling unconscious bias from the start.

On 30th September 2020, the GLA and Mount Anvil launch the mentoring arm of their Makers & Mentors scheme, a mentorship programme open to all those working or interested in working in the development and construction sector. It will connect industry experts with those wanting to progress in the sector, commencing with name-blind applications to remove unconscious bias and providing an online platform to help people connect. 

The virtual event saw Tom Copley, Deputy Mayor for Housing and Residential Development, and Mount Anvil’s Managing Director Darragh Hurley talk about the importance of mentoring and its role in giving everyone a chance to follow their ambition. Championing equality of opportunity is a way to encourage new talent into the sector, seek solutions to the housing crisis and enhance London in a post-Covid world.  

Darragh Hurley and Tom Copley

Darragh Hurley and Tom Copley

Makers & Mentors is open to everyone from architects to those on working on site, including planners, ecologists and communication staff; its ambition is to better the whole industry and support individuals in their career path. It is open to all, from those working in a freelance capacity, through to those in global organisations and the public sector alike; the only requirement is for mentors and mentees to be over 18 and it is recommended they to sign up for at least 6 months. 

Tom Copley, Deputy Mayor for Housing at City Hall adds: “There are many issues facing the housing sector, from affordability to sustainability, cladding, accessibility and community development. To address these we need to champion diversity, and ensure all voices are at the table. Recent history shows us that the more inclusive the workforce, the better the outcomes.”

“The economy has been hugely impacted by the virus, and it will have an impact on the employment within the sector, which further adds importance to a mentoring scheme, which will enable a platform networking and learning from experience.” 

The Makers & Mentors programme is another partnership between The GLA and Mount Anvil, following the pioneering £50m loan facility for the developer to purchase new sites and deliver more quality homes. 

Darragh Hurley, Managing Director at Mount Anvil comments: “There’s a risk that as times get tough more people get left behind. Makers & Mentors gives each of us the chance to both learn and contribute to equality of opportunity for all Londoners.” 

To find out more and register as a mentor or mentee, visit the website: https://makersandmentors.mountanvil.com/