09/04/2020 • Development update

New year, more progress

The new decade brought a hive of activity to Three Waters. With lots happening on site in the first quarter. The site welfare facilities are now fully operational, and the Site Team are eager to get back to Bow Creek.

Construction Update

The reinforced concrete frame up to the 3rd floor at the City Collection. The first bathroom PODs are in production and being ready for delivery on site as soon as we’re back up to full power on site.

The River Collection’s reinforced concrete frame is up to the 7th floor and will very soon be complete, allowing for more exciting progress to be made.


Here to help: Introducing your Customer Experience team 

Our Customer Experience Team is here to support you as you plan for your completion.

We’ll make sure you regularly receive written updates keeping you informed about our progress as the development takes shape, and we’ll include your estimated notice date.

Your personal Customer Experience Manager will follow up with a call to check you’re all set for completion and answer any questions that you may have.

We’re happy to help with planning arrangements to live-in or manage your property post-completion and can also recommend reputable furnishing companies and advice on lettings if required.

Do always talk to us before you make any financial or personal plans based on your estimated notice dates. We endeavor to serve notice to you as close to these dates as we can, but sometimes dates can change – if this happens, we will contact you immediately to discuss any changes in more detail.

If you have any questions about Three Waters or how we could help you more, please contact your personal Customer Experience Managers:

•    Simon Griggs: 07725 074 611 / sgriggs@mountanvil.com 

•    Annah Rae: 07753 296787 / arae@mountanvil.com 

•    Nina Xu: 07775 437372 / nxu@mountanvil.com / WeChat MARD2019



For more information please contact the Three Waters Sales team on 020 3813 2424