22/09/2020 • Awards

Outstanding Places Where People Can Thrive – not just our homes

At Mount Anvil our people and our culture are our competitive advantage, so it’s a great sense of great pride to us that we have been shortlisted for not one, but two, Business Culture Awards in 2020.

We’re different and working here isn’t for everyone, but our approach to creating an unusual culture, because we want unusual results, has gotten us nominated for Best Small Business Culture and for Best Talent Initiative in this year’s awards.

The awards celebrate organisations who prioritise their people by nurturing a positive culture across their business and attract finalists from some of the world’s biggest organisations each year. And though we do like testing ourselves against the country’s biggest players, such as Sainsbury’s, the MoD, Volkswagen and the others are all also on the finalist list - we don’t just raise the bar to win awards, we do it because it’s the right thing to do, for our people and for the Londoner’s we build homes for.

“From what I’ve seen of Mount Anvil they love to do things differently and aren’t scared to try unusual new things that help their people thrive.” – Cath Longfield of Business Culture Awards

Our nomination for Best Talent Initiative focuses specifically on our Recruitment Supergroup approach where we’ve upped our skill level in carrying out data-rich, bias-busting interviews; something we’ve done to supercharge our recruitment of exceptional teammates. And the Best Small Business Culture nomination highlights how we release all of that potential once we’ve hired these hungry and humble teammates– with high freedom, high responsibility and a learning mindset. Together, these award nominations represent our business formula: 

Exceptional Teammates x Effective Culture = Outstanding Places Where People Can Thrive

You can find out how this translates into higher quality homes in our recent “designing a culture for quality” interview series with Project Director, Andy Hunt: Environment, Wellbeing and Relationships.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for going one better than a Finalist this year and getting a win in November!

For more information on what it’s like to work at Mount Anvil, visit Working Here now.