27/09/2019 • What we believe

Proud of the results, proud of how we get them

With a decade’s experience at Mount Anvil under his belt, Project Director Nyron Higgins is heading up our biggest, most ambitious scheme yet: Royal Eden Docks. We sat down with him to talk about what he loves about his work, superpowers, and much more…

Hi Nyron, tell us a little about you. How did you get into your role at Mount Anvil?

After a short stint working in Dubai, I landed a role as a Site Manager at Central Square in Clerkenwell back in 2009.

After that completed, I worked as Project Manager on Phase Two of the Filaments in Wandsworth. That was a great experience – a bigger mixed-use development across five buildings which included delivering what was Mount Anvil’s largest commercial space at the time.


Ten years at Mount Anvil! That’s quite a commitment, what’s kept you coming to work every day?

The challenge. We work on some really exciting projects, some really challenging projects. Creating mixed-use developments in the heart of London is never going to be easy, but the range, quality and complexity of Mount Anvil’s builds make it that bit more exciting.

The people you work with make a massive difference too, and Mount Anvil hires and develops some great colleagues. The breadth of knowledge and understanding in the team is amazing.


Can you tell us a little about your role here?

Day to day I have full responsibility for Royal Eden Docks – that means working with our in-house land and pre-construction team, reviewing planning progress, having client meetings, and ensuring that all stakeholders are kept updated with the progress of the build.

I’m also responsible for constantly assessing and optimising the programme, overseeing tenders and subcontractor selection, and ensuring that our world-class health and safety standards are upheld across the site.

Ultimately, it’s my job to bring this huge, complex scheme in on time and on budget. I’m really excited about that – Royal Eden Docks will contribute a lot to the Royal Docks, and be another big step towards building a better London.


What would you identify as your superpower?

Communication. For me that’s what makes a great Project Director.

Ultimately, we’re here to build quality homes, but to do that we need to build quality relationships with subbies, partners, local communities and site teams. Communication is key to all of those relationships.


What’s your favourite part of your job?

As I said before, the challenge is a big part of it. When I was at Keybridge, for example – that was one of the most complex demolition jobs undertaken in London for a long time.

We had to remove a high rise 1970s building (the old BT telephone exchange), riddled with asbestos and plenty of other complications. It was metres from a primary school, a church and a raised railway mainline. And, we had to retain a double-storey basement across the entire site. Challenging!

It was always going to be complex, but we dealt with it – and we dealt with it well. We had the people, the expertise and the capacity to come together, find solutions and make it work. The scheme’s now on schedule too, despite all the setbacks.


Do you have a favourite development?

Probably still Central Square. It was the first Mount Anvil development I worked on, before the Filaments and Keybridge, and it’s great – a mix of residential and commercial space, alongside some really fantastic gardens that won a BALI Award. They still look amazing today.

Ask me in a few years, once Royal Eden Docks is finished, and I might have a different answer…


Finally, what makes you proud?

That’s a big question… OK. I’m very proud of the homes and facilities we deliver, our commitment to design and build quality. But I’m proud of how we get there too – how that commitment starts on day one of any build.

Recognition isn’t the most important thing, but it’s great when partners, homeowners and awards take notice of the effort we put in to doing things the right way. My sites have won five Considerate Constructors Scheme awards, and all of the developments I’ve worked on have been recognised with national design awards.

I’m very proud that I’ve personally received a number of awards from the NHBC too, including two Seals of Excellence. That puts me in quite an elite club, apparently – to me it’s just about doing my job well, getting things done the right way.

We’re a London developer, and we’re genuinely contributing to making this a better place to live and work. If that’s not something to be proud of I don’t know what is.