16/07/2019 • Awards

We’re the property industry’s Marketing Team of the Year

“The positive working culture and the value the marketing team was held in really came across. There was plenty of evidence of high-quality marketing thinking, targets met, and a brand that really reflects their thinking”. That’s what the Property Marketing Awards judging panel had to say about Mount Anvil’s team.

Winning Team of the Year is particularly special because people are our business’ competitive advantage.  We’re proud of the effective culture that we’ve built, supercharging what our exceptional teammates can achieve. 

Lisa Ravenscroft, Chief Marketing Officer said “I’m very glad that the judges saw what I see in this team.  We’ve cultivated a broad church here, a range of characters, specialisms and backgrounds, because diversity of thought and the willingness to challenge is so key for us.  What we all have in common is that we thrive in and contribute to Mount Anvil’s special culture.  No brilliant divas, nobody who favours their own idea over the best idea, and nobody who isn’t able to laugh at themselves, roll their sleeves up or get things done.  The outcomes have followed.”

The team is looking to the future to raise the bar again by continually improving the insight that fuels decisions, getting even more forensic about effectiveness in multiple markets, improving the experience for our channel partners and rearchitecting our online ecosystem to get even fitter for the future.

Mount Anvil’s culture is all about three things:

  • Freedom. Hating bureaucracy, but loving discipline.  Freedom to act, structure to drive high performance, insight to drive dispassionate.  We major on giving context.  With more understanding, people make better decisions. 
  • Responsibility. Having freedom means taking responsibility.  Caring about how we do things, challenging anything that’s not right and being accountable against clear goals that are published for anyone to see.
  • Learning. We’re relentless about getting better. Importing learning from elsewhere – research techniques, new technologies, repeatable behaviours.  If mistakes happen, they’re shared and learned from.


Interested in working with our award-winning, stretch-goal-smashing Marketing team? Drop our People team a line in order to be kept in the loop for future roles: thrivehere@mountanvil.com