04/12/2020 • Living here

What it’s really like to live in a Mount Anvil home

We recently put ourselves in the hotseat and linked up with HomeViews to ask our residents to give us their honest opinion on what it’s like to live in a Mount Anvil home.

Mount Anvil is built on a candid culture of feedback, learning and growth. We look to improve ourselves over and over because we want to keep on delivering outstanding places for Londoners.

We’ve won our fair share of awards, judged by industry experts, that tell us we are indeed building quality homes for Londoners (did you see our Housebuilder of the Year award, here?) but we see a great deal more importance in hearing first-hand from the tenants and homeowners who are actually living in our homes. After all, it’s our residents who are actually there and in the thick of it, so to speak!

In 2020, we’ve been on a mission to make more regular feedback from our residents an even more consistent part of our business. To start off, we wanted to set a benchmark. And where better to start than with the help of property review experts HomeViews. They’ve helped us ask our residents to publicly and honestly provide feedback about the homes they’re living in.

We’re beyond pleased with what we’ve found out. Our residents, whether they’re owners or tenants, have provided us with some brilliant reviews leading to a HomeViews Excellence title in the Design, Location and Rating categories: “We have consistently seen a higher than average Location and Design Score for Mount Anvil developments across their portfolio and resident type.” 

“The flats are well designed, nice inside with a large balcony.”

“Great scheme to be shared ownership for this location.”

“The development is attractive and very well done. I am delighted with my apartment which was finished to a high standard.”

“I love the design of this development. It’s new, clean, functional and impressive.”

We’re delighted with this set of scores, and look forward to putting into action the learnings we’re picking up along the way. Fancy reading the full report? Check it out, here.