07/08/2019 • What we believe

Why I turned down “The Offer”

We talk to Kaden, our International Sales Executive to get his thoughts on life at Mount Anvil. Read more below. Read more below.

So Kaden, you’re relatively new to the team, can you tell us what you think sets Mount Anvil apart from other companies?

It’s forward thinking and genuinely committed to creating an environment where people actually want to work. Having just completed my first three months, I was surprised but also impressed when I received “The Offer”. 

What’s “The Offer”?

It’s a letter from Darragh, our Managing Director sent to all new starters once they’ve been here three months. It’s a little like choosing to renew your vows. They want to make sure people only stay because they want to. I’ve never been at a company that is so committed to hiring the right people. So, when I was given a letter from Darragh, offering me a lump sum, in addition to my notice period to quit if I wasn't happy, I was in shock. 

I guess it’s an interesting way to encourage new recruits like myself to take a moment, think about what we really want, and whether Mount Anvil is the right place for us. It’s also so that Mount Anvil holds itself accountable for delivering on the promises they made during recruitment and do a good job of on-boarding us.

Makes sense, staying somewhere you don’t want to be isn’t healthy for you or for the company. So, should we assume you turned it down? 

No, I’m off next week (laughs). Yes. I turned down “The Offer”. I don’t think anyone has taken it yet. Why would they? Mount Anvil is basically backing itself and rightly so, to me it shows commitment to me and my future here. 

What is it that’s made you not only move here but reject “The Offer”? Was it the role? Culture? People?

Is there an option D? All of the above.

I was headhunted by the People team and was surprised that, unlike most companies, industry experience wasn’t a must. It was more about being an expert in your field, having the potential to grow and being the right ‘fit’ for the culture here. 

Conventional wisdom says knowledge is power. But the opposite can also be true. Hiring outside of an industry can bring new ideas and ways of working. Coming from Chanel, Australia where I was a specialist working with VIP customers, I had no idea about the London property market. But they saw alignment in my experience selling high-quality, desirable products and my desire to give customers a brilliant experience. 

The people and culture are great. I’m surrounded by exceptional teammates who are as keen to learn as they are to share their knowledge. It made settling in and getting that first sale under my belt much less daunting. 

Tell us a little about your role here? 

It’s my job to know our developments inside out so that I can offer our customers better advice. It’s not just about a floor plan and whether it has one or two bedrooms. It’s everything that comes with it. Making sure I can answer every little question they might have about the area, buying off plan even down to the choice of tiles they can have. 

For example, many people want to find a home that is central and close to first-class schools and universities. So, it’s my job to know not only where the best schools are in proximity to our developments, but how old their children are, so I can truly give them the best options. 

What would you say is your superpower?

In any sales role, it’s about listening and understanding. It shouldn’t matter if I’m selling a designer bag or a London home. Listening enables you to give the best possible customer service. 

You need to understand the benefits of your product – not just the features. Those benefits are in the eye of the beholder. There’s no point trying to sell the fact that it’s close to the cricket grounds if they have no interest in sport.  

So, I’d say listening is my superpower. 

What’s your favourite part of your job? 

Meeting new customers and showing off our developments all while being given the freedom to approach sales in the way that best suits me and my customers, not on a rule book.  

Do you have a favourite development? 

Can I choose two? I do love Three Waters. The area is undergoing a lot of regeneration, which will make it a great investment and place to live in. I’m also a big fan of Hampstead Manor, now it’s close to completion the place has really come to life – the grounds are green and leafy and in such a historic setting. 

Finally, with all the business stuff to one side, tell us some fun facts about you.

Travelling is my life. It’s so exciting to observe and experience a new place, its culture and people. It also allows me to immerse myself in my hobby, photography. I always keep a camera with me wherever I travel to capture my experience on film. 


Interested in working with Kaden and the team here at Mount Anvil? Why not drop our People team a line for a full list of vacancies: thrivehere@mountanvil.com