02/06/2021 • Partnerships

Why we’re asking our JV partners to jump on the drama triangle

Guided by our cultural mentors at The Conscious Leadership Group we’ve been taking a radical turn recently. We’ve always worked deliberately on our culture but we’re now looking to what extreme self-awareness and responsibility-taking will deliver to our business.

It’s been an 18 month endeavour so far, and right now we have close to 50 people in our business committing to sharing candid feedback and judgements, eradicating gossip, using meditation to quell reactivity and much more. It’s been tough, edgy and has had us well outside of our comfort zone for something like 1500 hours, now - all in service of becoming more self-aware, open and ultimately better partners and collaborators in our core business of joint ventures.

Because everything comes back to partnership for us, we decided to lift the lid on the madness and share a taste of Conscious Leadership with some of our partners.  A 20-strong group including several G15 and borough council leaders spent two hours exploring becoming a conscious leader with our facilitator Deb Katz, dialling in from Portland, Oregon. 

Cue some brilliant candour, a senior RP leader giving Oscar-worthy “victim, villain and hero” performances in front of the group and some serious strides being made to taking “radical responsibility”, the first commitment that the approach demands. 
Our MD, Darragh, often says “the system you have is perfectly designed for the outcomes you’re getting”.  This Conscious Leadership investment is a key part of designing a system that makes us better partners – better at listening, more creative in problem-solving and more able to take responsibility and drive the results that we promise to our partners.  

We’ve been working in partnership in London for 30 years and this paradigm shift in how we interact is going to be the foundations for the next 30.  Improving openness and reducing defensiveness means great collaborations with partners, great ideas for residents and more of the outstanding places that we promise.  The chance to share it with this group, who collectively can impact the lives of over a million people in this country, was too good to miss.  

One of our attendees summed it up with a remark that just about sums up how we’ve found the last 18 months: That was amazing, really tough but taught me loads.  

Want to understand more about Conscious Leadership?  Head to https://conscious.is/