02/10/2017 • What we believe

The Often Forgotten Part of Health & Safety

Mount Anvil's top business goal, above profit, sales, or deliver targets, is for a world class Health & Safety culture. This includes exceptional workplace Safety, as well as a strong focus on Health. Our drive to help manage our people’s wellbeing has delivered several pioneering initiatives, such as the "Phone Home" service.

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An essential part of our Health and Safety efforts is our focus on Health and our ‘Mind, Body, Soul’ approach which aims to support the mental wellbeing of our managers and employees. It’s all about proactive health management and preventing illnesses, accidents and stress, rather than only seeing people when something’s gone wrong.

Our ‘Phone Home’ initiative is geared towards providing on-site teams with tools that allow easier contact with their families from work. Around 60% of our site trades work away from home, which can cause stress, unhappiness and lack of focus. To help tackle this, we have set up booths, free Skype stations and Wi-Fi so our employees can call their friends and family. They can use the work stations on offer, or the free internet access with their own devices to keep in touch, or read a bed time story to their children.

Although officially called the ‘Phone Home Room’, employees almost immediately called it the ‘Relaxation Room’, a testament to the effect the service has for them.

By offering this service, as well as free medicals, nutritional advice, mindfulness, sleep and money doctor workshops, we can help our employees maintain in the optimal “Mind, Body, Soul” mindset to work safely. It’s all about pro-active health management and world class Health & Safety.