25/03/2021 • Development update

The only way is up at Royal Eden Docks

The ground floor concrete slabs to The Courtyard and The Botanist are now fully complete which means we've been able to commence building the lift and stair core to The Botanist. Discover more on what progress we've made and check out the latest time lapse footage of activity here on the Royal Docks.


Construction update


The Courtyard and The Botanist's concrete ground slabs have been fully completed which means we've been able to commence building the lift shaft and stair core to The Botanist, with the first section of walls being cast and the build of the floor slab decking having kicked off. The floor slab decking is a temporary ply framework which is put up to provide a platform for the steelwork and concrete to be case, once set this forms the upper floor.

A mobile crane is currently in use on site to assist with the erection of the vertical structure elements (that's anything from the ground floor slab upwards), including the build of the first tower crane. The tower crane is a permanent crane that will be used throughout the project to assist with the lifting of materials used to construct the building and is due to be erected on site this week.

Substructure works to the residential facilities have also commenced. This involves things like piling, foundations, pile caps and drainage works.

We're continuing to carry out all our work on site safely, following the government guidance, with weekly COVID testing on site for all team members and contractors.

Check out some time-lapse footage below of all the action on site.

Check out the latest time lapse footage

What's happening in the area?


Much is made of artists establishing communities and turbo-charging an area's popularity. You only have to look at the changes seen in other east London neighbourhoods such as Shoreditch, Hackney and Dalston which were once down-at-heel areas but are now packed with trendy bars, breweries and cafes. Today, there’s a growing pool of established businesses and start-up initiatives based in and around the Royal Docks.

Meet the neighbours…


What's life like living on the Royal Docks?


Check out the video below which includes a chat with Robert, a resident at neighbouring Royal Docks West, as he tells us what life is like here in the heart of the Royal Docks.

Life at neighbouring Royal Docks West