New builds are better. And ours are the best there is.

Three reasons to choose a purpose-built Mount Anvil home over an alternative.

Having lived in a period property, I wanted a new home in a new development where I wouldn’t have to worry about endless maintenance.

Mount Anvil Buyer

Living in a one bedroom apartment at Royal Docks West

New build, lower bills


Current average gross rental yield in London.


New-build home owners save on energy bills every year.


Well designed new homes in London command an 11% price premium


A home that meets Londoners' needs

Facilities that Londoners value

We're London-only and we've got a lot of residents to talk to. So, we know and build the conveniences they expect for fitness, leisure or, more than ever, working from home. Our homes aren’t just the perfect place to relax after a day in the office. They’re the perfect place for a day in the office. You’ll find work-from-home lounges, designed to help you focus. Plus extra power points for your PowerPoints.  

Maintenance in mind


What’s the use of a beautiful room if it’s impossible to clean? We make sure it’s easy to keep your home looking the way you like it. For instance, we choose big kitchen and bathroom tiles rather than small ones, because the big, flat surfaces are easier to clean.  

And built-in fixtures and fitting from brands that people trust with a two year warranty, means no worries about paying to replace the big stuff anytime soon.

Thoughtful, liveable layouts

Architects often work to minimum recommended room sizes. We don’t. With our buildings, you get big rooms and plenty of storage, because minimum recommendations don’t usually lead to maximum happiness. 

When we can, we always build to a square floorplan. It means you get as much space as possible for your money, without wasted corners gathering dust.

Our in-house teams go over and over every floorplan with a fine toothcomb, fuelled by the latest research on what customers want, what attracts demand, and how we can make the most of every square metre.

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A hassle-free buying process

Pick a partner for the process

Buying a new-build avoids the pitfalls of being the middle link in a chain. It's a bit different to buying a second-hand home. So, whether you have a good or a bad experience is all down to the developer you trust, how they support you through the process and how they protect you with warranties afterwards.

Customer Experience Manager: find "the one"


Rather than getting passed from pillar to post, we assign you a named person to guide you through the buying process all the way through to getting your keys. They can walk you through all of the paperwork to make sure it's low-stress at every milestone, and they've got loads of knowledge about the area and development to help you settle in once you've got your keys.

Warranties: they're not all the same

We pay to be a part of NHBC, which means they cover all Mount Anvil properties with their 10 year Buildmark warranty. That covers:

  • Ceilings
  • Foundations
  • Load-bearing parts of flooring
  • Walls, external cladding, balconies, curtain walling

Then we add a two year warranty of our own. Some developers only give a year, but with ours you get acces to our Customer Care team 24/7. If anything does arise for you or a tenant (even if it's just a spotlight on the blink or you forget how to use one of the built-in appliances) we're on the phone and if needed we'll head round in a Mount Anvil van quick-sharp. 

The Silk District at our Barbican office

The Silk District at our Barbican office


Unlock real value

Places with potential

The locations where we build have achieved price growth of up to 2.3x the postcode average.

Early mover advantage

Get involved during the early stages of a new development and you may get better value for a high-quality new home, which can increase in value even before you’ve got the keys. . When you buy your dream home off plan, you don’t want to lose sleep worrying that the real thing won’t live up to the artist’s impression. With us, it will - however early you buy. If you need more convincing, feel free to go and see one of our finished developments. They’re the ones that’ll make your spirit soar.  

Confidence for the future


Whether you're a landlord or living-in, keeping your home in good condition is paramount. So we think about durability in design. What’s the use of a beautiful room if it’s impossible to clean? We make sure it’s easy to keep your home looking the way you like it. For instance, we choose big kitchen and bathroom tiles rather than small ones, because the big, flat surfaces are easier to clean.

Queens Cross Marketing Suite

Queens Cross Marketing Suite

We might be biased.

But we think this is what matters when choosing a trustworthy developer

Ask your developer these questions

to test their mettle:

  1. Does the developer have a track record of building high-quality homes?
  2. Have they partnered with other reputable organisations?
  3. Will the business still exist in two years time?
  4. Do they have a good British Safety Council health and safety rating?
  5. Would a previous customer recommend buying from them?

Why choose Mount Anvil?

Over 30 years of developing in London we have:

  1. Built more than 5,500 high-quality new homes as advertised and on time
  2. Partnered repeatedly with London’s largest housing providers and associations  
  3. Delivered consistently strong year-on-year financial performance 
  4. Received a 5-star health and safety rating from British Safety Council 
  5. Earned a customer approval rating of 98%